Family Entertainment

We don’t do cable except for the web (which maybe a bit like saying you’re a vegetarian except for bacon). There is no doubt that what counts for family entertainment around here is far more strange than the steady diet of Mr Dress-up and The Friendly Giant I was nourished on.

The Yellow Submarine is the big fave this month. Watch it all on Google Video. As a result Harry is scared of Blue Meanies and has opinions on his favourite Beatle. Don’t you just love the open web? (He picks both Ringo and John- his parents agree.) I just learned that the director, George Dunning was a Canadian from this article celebrating it as a landmark in animation.

Some people who had dressed conservatively before they saw it were suddenly wearing bright colors, costumes and the latest in mod fashions. Hippies painted Yellow Submarines on their vans and in San Francisco a Beatles fan painted a scene from the film on the front of her house.”

Now that’s cultural impact. It is a beautiful way to spend an hour or so but here’s Harry’s favourite bit.

This song from the Icelandic show LazyTown gets my vote today because it’s a bit creepy, very catchy, and it features pirates.


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