New ways to learn the old ways

“This stuff you’re doing is just going back to the old ways.”

This reaction to the Sustainable Living Arts School emerging curriculum is a palpable undercurrent in my recent conversations (or pretty direct when the conversation is with my mother). “Do you really think we’re all going to grow and preserve our own food again?”

The fact that I am (slowly, slowly) attempting to express and reflect on my learning and (even more slowly) connect our efforts to others on the web might suggest that I long for something other than return to a hard-scrabbling battle for food and shelter as my daily lot. But my nascent efforts on the web raise concern and even anxiety in other folks (many of my closest colleagues in the permaculture world). “Why spend your limited time adding to the already overwhelming stockpile of information in the world and not just doing the earth work that needs to be done?”

There I’ve managed to over-simplify everyone’s comments, reflections and challenges to the point of ridicule. The conversations have all been nuanced and reflective. My exaggeration points to my own sense of disorientation. It’s an odd but hopefully creative set of conversational waves to surf; from neo-luddite to techno-fetishist and back again.

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School dreams

With a deep breath I trucked off to a community meeting last night on Garibaldi school (ugghh meetings). Again there seemed to be more people in the room than elementary students who currently attend- a pretty good indication of the importance of this small school to our ‘hood.

Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House was there ready and poised to take the lead on a proposal for a multi-use facility- strong start programs, preschool, literacy programs, after-school care etc. But I think there was a strong sense that we need something else in the mix whether it’s an immersion program or fine arts or what???

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