Spring is nigh

I’ve been fighting against the urge to confess. I started this week mellow, tired, content. Folks appeared out of the ether for Northern Voice, embodied and making music in our living room. Such energy and excitement to be together! It was living in community while it lasted and that is a while when friends share their experience so generously on their blogs once they’re home. I had a wrap-up post on the go too but I stalled and it’s died on the vine. It’s been curiously painful to resume my work and my life this week. I feel resistance, a discouragement deep in my bones.

Perhaps it’s the daffodils that are appearing in markets, and snowdrops in my garden. Spring is late this year, we’re often well into the blossoms by now. It’s the loveliest and longest season on the west coast of British Columbia but we had something a bit like Canadian winter this year. I’ve worn my 2nd hand Nike ski jacket (Be Subversive Buy Local Food button strategically placed over the swoosh) and my purple and black skull toque everyday since Solstice.

The joy of spring is sharp and sudden whenever it comes. Golden daffodils on the kitchen table suck the breath out of me, leave me bereft. In about six weeks they’ll claim all the garden beds at Hamilton General Hospital in Ontario, just down the highway from home.

“One of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives alone in a world of wounds.” Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac (via The Lost Language of Plants by Stephen Harold Buhner)

I’m going to spend my day of childcare tomorrow (9:30 until 2:30!) outside tomorrow and ask the plants for help and heart’s ease: medicine.



  1. Keira,

    Just now, before I read your lovely post, I tweeted about how far off spring seemed with our Vermont temps to plummet to 30 below F tonight–late February and we have at least three feet of snow on the ground. I felt my heart sink listening to the weather report until I turned to the window, and took in the stark beauty of a new snow. My eye took in, too, the onion sitting in front of me, throwing sturdy green shoots up into the day. I was nearly overwhelmed by the contrast. Yes, we live in a world of wounds, but it is in these details of life and beauty that we find solace and joy.

    Thanks for sharing these thoughts.


  2. Barbara,

    There were more than a few perfect moments yesterday in the garden. I discovered a whole wack of jerusalem artichokes and one perfect daikon radish I’d forgotten about (pics soon on flickr). This earth is so wounded but so generous still. It’s a pretty damn cool place to hang out, all in all.

  3. As I spin some spinach and witness through my patio doors yet more snow drop here in Ontario, I have some thoughts to add to your blog. Yes, my laptop has been my constant source of information for LIFE CHANGE since well, my life occupationally has changed.

    There hasn’t been this much snow since we were kids. Those were the days wen kids walked to school. One memory is when we both plunged through probably two or three feet of snow down Birkdale because mom had to go to her school. Between you and I, she has finally admitted the other day she should have taken more days off from The Scarborough Board Of Education. I totally agreed with her. Gee, I wonder why.

    Here in this part of Canada, they have indeed determined that this year alone, we have received more snow than the last two years. We don’t have Snowdrops in our garden but we do have ‘snow dropping’.

    Onto spring topics, I’m disappointed to hear spring hasn’t arrived there yet. For the past four years when Rob & I have ventured out there in March, we looked forward to seeing the green grass, the blossoms and wearing shoes outside. I think it is time to make another change(my life now) and check out the West Coast in a new season.

    As I don’t have daffodils, there has been a constant stream of Tulips and mixed flowers from Rob & mom to help with this time.

    Let’s close our eyes and think positively that the transition from winter to spring in both parts of Canada will come sooner than later. Perhaps, sooner for you guys!

    As tomorrow arrives, we flip the calendar and we wonder, “If March starts out cold and “ferocious”, like a lion, will it end up warm and “gentle” like a ‘lamb’.

    Must eat spinach now and continue on my quest to figure out what I want to do “When I’m Growed Up” šŸ™‚

    P.S. Mom said, a friend of dads said to him one day when they were 38 or 39, “Bob have you figured out what you want to
    do when you are grown up?

  4. I love how both you and mom comment as “your mom” , “your sister”!

    Well spring is here now, it just wasn’t a month ago, which is often when the snow drops come. But I loved the snow this year- I could do 2 months of hard winter.

    I’ve been thinking long and hard about your birthday this year DJ without having actually mailed anything yet (I’ll add it to the pile of family christmas presents I never mailed: bad keira). You gave me such marvelous presents this year; the tools for my new life. That encylopedic garden journal, good quality trowel and spade. They’re a delight to work with. The journal is actually prodding me to record what I do, rather than just random activity. I keep thinking I’ll blog it too but baby steps, baby steps.

    I’d love to do the same for you but maybe what you need most is just some rest, a break. It’s the hardest thing in our culture I think- to just rest and nourish ourselves with fun. So on that theme: what do you want for your birthday? I know it’s ok if I’m late ’cause you make everyone celebrate you for a good month at least!

    You’ve got a pretty good platform in http://www.dannabananas.com for future work. In the last week alone people have asked me “does your sister do games?” “does she do costumes?” We should talk- I can imagine a whole sustainable fun line to branch out into. Busy, buzzy brain sssssshhhhhh.

    Love you scads, YOUR SISTER.

  5. There is nothing quite like the feel and smell of moist earthy soil to bring peace to the heart and head…:-)

  6. Well, I thought Your Mom was funny so I decided to follow her lead.

    I’m glad you have been thinking LLLLOOONNNGG and hard;) that means my advance notifications over the years have paid off.

    Hmm… Birthday Wants in the above metioned theme?

    A. How about Christmas + Birthday= Trip to Vancouver:)- A great source of nourishment!

    B. Since you have a great eye for books(examples: Cheap Laffs The Art Of The Novelty Item & 1000 Extra/ordinary Objects, How about a book pertaining to what are the best words that sell when advertising your product. Such as, ideas for my front page ads. I have created these myself. I saw one book: Net Words by Nick Osborne. I just took a glimpse.

    C. Ever in doubt choose A & B

    Blogging- I like you idea of personal. For me presently, I would record my transitional thoughts and hopefully get some practice for Danna Bananas. I had a talk today with my friend, Michelle and I got complemented on my proactiveness during my change and my quest. I talked about how I love to do my Mindful Body Scan Med/Yoga sessions and she also mentioned what you said about writing in a journal. For me, that would take some teaching myself.

    When we come out to Vancouver(wink wink nudge nudge:), I’ll bring the Mindfulness cd along and Rob has an interest in attending one of your Sustainable sessions.

    I’m looking into ‘costumey’ type fun hats ect.

    What are your thoughts about a “Sustainable Fun Line”?

    Love you scads back,

    Your little sister

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