Ugh How I feel the spirit

Pure Hokum photo by arushmere, uploaded by me

Andrew sent along these photos from the turn-off near UBC Farm:  “I wanted to take some photos of the incredibly ironic signs that the developers just splashed all over 16th and Wesbrook that advertise the ‘Pacific Spirit’ development (in the respected postmodern tradition of razing beautiful landscapes and then naming the new homogenous suburbs after them).”

Last night I was up late at a birthday party (& Happy Solstice!) and met a bunch of fine folk, all longtime Vancouverites. We got talking about the folks leaving town. You want a creative class (and yes, I am retching as I write that phrase) in the city? It’s easy: cheap rent!

I know of a few folk who have already departed for the east, back to where many of us started out. It’s hard to fault people for moving to Montreal but it is incredibly sad and disheartening that people have to leave. Right now I’m just hoping there’s something left that will tempt Hanna Mitchell to stay in town when she comes back from her pilgrimage to the east.

As she documents it’s not that we don’t need more housing in Fat City. But this kind of condo development will not serve the people or the land itself that make this such a creative, wild city to live in.

Ooooh how I feel the spirit, originally uploaded by Keira. Photo by arushmere.



  1. Good god, don’t go east! Send your friends up the coast or over to the island. Bella Coola! Anywhere but back east… or hang on, these good times are made for TV and not real.

  2. No fears on me moving east of the Rockies my friend! In fact, I do some good folk heading up your way from the city. I told them they were heading to the town with the most kick-ass permie, energy descent planning dude organizer around.

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