The View from Barcelona #1

This is a joint production of Harry and I, photos chosen by Harry. He also had final authority on the text.

We start the day at a cafe where Harry drinks his hot chocolate, usually from a bottle but sometimes in a glass. He is now a confirmed cacaolat maniac. Grammie and mom prefer cafe con leche.

Cacaolat maniac

We were very excited to see some of Gaudi’s buildings and designs in person after pouring over a Gaudi book that Brian (Harry’s dad) brought back from his trip to Barcelona last year. Gaudi was inspired by nature. He observed the curves, waves and arches that we see in trees, shells and bones.

Fractal Growth

Curved forms

Gaudi's Inspirations

This was on the roof of Casa Milà, also known as “La Pedrera” which means the quarry in Catalan. Catalan is the first language in Barcelona but everyone speaks Spanish too and many have a bit of English.
On the Roof

Harry ran these stairs fast as lightning to the bottom.


Each day before we got out, or after we come in, Harry does a bit of school work with grammie.

Guess what? Spiderman lives in Barcelona!
Spiderman lives in Barcelona!

That’s all for now- school’s out!
School's Out



  1. Harry. glad to see you brought your cowichan sweater with you, I bet the people there have never seen one like that before. Take lots more picture and right more, because we all want to know what you are getting up to while you are away. Your friend Scott

  2. You know I wondered about the cowichan sweater in this mecca of old world fashion design. But thankfully for Harry and his mother, it’s pretty diverse. I don’t feel as hickish as I feared and Harry with his tie, vest, fleece combos has his own thing going as usual. People probably assume it’s Ecuadorian- apparently there’s a sizable community here. The Spanish empire returns..

  3. Hello neighbours! How exciting to see Harry drinking hot chocolate in Barcelona! Kate told a friend yesterday she is most excited about drinking hot chocolate in the Netherlands. Only 3 more sleeps till we leave. Your photos are amazing and really gives a good sense of what you are seeing. How is the apartment/hotel working out? We are excited and a bit frantic as we we’ve all been sick (kate is still sick) and I am pulling together the last minute (big) details of my presentations…oy! I’m sure it will all come together with some very late nights. Love seeing these photos and we look forward to swapping stories of Europe when we get back to the hood. much love to you all! safe journeys! – Cindy, Anne and Kate

  4. Hey Harry,

    Nice pics!

    You are a lucky little boy cause you have the BEST EDUCATOR in in the world!

    If you need some brown-nosing tips for “Mrs. McPhee”, I can give you some.

    Hugs & Pinches,

    Aunt DJ

  5. Hello Harry,
    It was great to see pics of you, your Mom and Dad, and Grammie…. all having a wonderful time in sunny Spain.
    We have lots of snow here, and it’s getting colder all the time. I hope you enjoy the rest of the time where you are.

    Please give our love to Grammie, and your Mom and Dad. Also, you’d better take some of it for yourself, too!

    I loved the Spiderman pic.

    Love and hugs,
    Alan and Mark.

  6. Hi Harry

    Thanks for your message. I wish our trips would be done by now so we could play together and have sleep overs and play dates. But today I went to the Amsterdam Zoo and I saw tons of my favorite animals. I got to the zoo in a bike taxi. They are really fun! I wish you were here so you could go with me. Have fun in Barcalona!

    Love Kate

  7. HI Harry

    It is awful about people hunting elephants for fun. Glad you had fun at the zoo.

    I got a new bag of lego and I am having fun with it.

    Today I went to see some dinosaurs and mummies at two museums.

    Tomorrow we go to England.

    Love Kate

  8. well HELLO Harry!
    it’s a day of drips. There are puddles galore.
    Seems like chocolate and the bells that jingle are just
    about everywhere.
    Lights too.
    My friend Tawny ( who is my age, but also has a july birthday)
    lives on Kitchener street, close by, and her street was lined
    with blue and red lights, but no other colours. I admired them last night as winds blew fiercly.

    We miss you and your folks.
    Thinking about having fun together again soon.
    Give my love to your people.

    XOXO jake

    The pictures are awesome.
    And you are too!

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