Edible Garden Project
Guided organizational development projects for the EGP since 2008: strategic planning, evaluations, staff development and storytelling.
Growth Report 2012
Growth Report 2013

Table Matters Food Policy Network
Facilitated a network evaluation process on behalf of Vancouver Coastal Health,  followed up by a planning process two years later.

Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House

  • Facilitated a digital literacy project and blogging club with staff and House participants who were all trying out blogging for the first time, in their second or third language. Their work lives on the Community Connections Blog
  • How to introduce staff to blogging without a computer lab? At the offline staff blogging workshop we collaged stories on bristol board and linked with post-it notes:) great fun.
  • I also facilitated two seasons at the Clinton Park Demonstration Garden, learning from the food and garden traditions of multicultural parents and seniors groups.

Growing Traditions
I evaluated this project dedicated to sharing sustainable traditions through a group mentoring model. This was an early project with Tricia Edgar who went on to found Fresh Air Learning.

Sustainable Living Arts School
I curated a series of learning parties dedicated to sharing hands-on skills and traditions, and grew a vibrant learning community of curators, teachers, hosts (community organizations and individuals) and participants,  via the web and on the ground.




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