I grew up in a lush edible landscape in the heart of industrial Scarborough, Ontario and have gone onto grow gardens and learning communities in public demonstration and school gardens, home gardens and rural sites.

Permaculture Learning Community

I’ve learned as part of a loose permaculture community for over 20 years now. Permaculture is a collection of principles and techniques, that rests on Indigenous knowledge and care of the land.

I participated and helped organize the BC permaculture meet-ups hosted by Linnaea Farm on Cortes Island

My Permaculture Design Certficate is with Gregoire Lamoreux’s Kootenay Permaculture Institute. I’ve also learned and worked with Robin Wheeler and her “practical permaculture” series and Oliver Kellhammer.

Home Gardens

A few photos from my  home forest garden in Vancouver, BC. I no longer live there but still help tend the garden.

Garibaldi Annex School Garden   

3 boxes arrive all in a row

In the garden’s first incarnation, we focused on an open-source approach to garden design: the parents, kids, teachers and neighbours who showed up designed, planted and tended the garden. The harvest was shared by those who gardened and our neighbours.

Many of our keenest gardeners in the beginning didn’t share a language of comfort;  but we did our best as volunteers to document and share photos, tutorials and our excitement in our school garden blog. My son’s Harry’s blog post went viral (with a little help from his mom) and continues to inspire the #seeditforward project.


Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House

  • I consulted on garden design and community care from a permaculture perspective for both the small garden at Clinton Park as well as the lush edible landscape around the house itself.
  • I taught workshops and guided sharing our learnings via Frog Hollow’s Community Connections blog.
  • As part of the Sustainable Living Arts School, I mentored and learned alongside  women in the Community Connections program, dedicated to building more inclusive neighbourhoods.  They tended the garden that season and nurtured connections with seniors cooking for the childcare programs.
  • Another season I led experiential workshops for multicultural  seniors who then tended the garden.
  • I  taught a hands-on indoor garden workshop for 35 moms, all learning English- they started container gardens, made some art and encountered some books and stories about gardens to share with their children as part of a neighbourhood conference for parents.
  • Sharon Kravitz and I gathered and shared stories from elder’s gardens in Hastings-Sunrise via the Neighbourhood Gardens Project

Sustainable Living Arts School

I curated an urban learning and teaching community and threw some learning parties about gardening and other sustainable home and craft traditions- a few examples:

Sheet-mulch learning party
Bee-in learning party
Willow learning party


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